score1 [ skɔr ] verb ***
▸ 1 gain point in game/sport
▸ 2 achieve level on test
▸ 3 record score in game
▸ 4 succeed in doing something
▸ 5 obtain
▸ 6 have sex with someone
▸ 7 mark line into surface
▸ 8 write/arrange music
1. ) intransitive or transitive to get a point in a game or sport:
No one scored in the first half.
score a goal/point/run: He scored the first goal after five minutes.
2. ) transitive to achieve a particular amount, level, etc. in a test:
She's hoping to score high on the math test.
a ) to judge someone's effort in a competition or on a test and give them points:
The participants' answers were scored and the totals added up.
b ) to be worth a particular number of points:
The bonus question at the end of the test scores 15 points.
3. ) intransitive or transitive to record the score in a game
4. ) intransitive or transitive to be successful in doing something:
She seems to have scored with her latest novel.
score a success/victory/win: They scored some notable sales successes.
5. ) intransitive or transitive AMERICAN INFORMAL to obtain something, especially without paying for it or with little effort:
Maybe I can score some new CDs at the radio station.
a ) INFORMAL to buy illegal drugs
6. ) intransitive SPOKEN to have sex with someone, especially with a new partner
7. ) transitive to mark a line into the surface of something:
Score the meat lightly with a knife.
8. ) transitive to write a piece of music for a particular group of instruments or voices:
score something for something: The suite is scored for flute and violin.
score points
to gain an advantage over other people, especially by saying or doing something that makes a particular person or group of people like you:
score points with: He scored points with teachers by proposing shorter working hours.
,score `out or ,score `through phrasal verb transitive MAINLY BRITISH
to draw a line through written words
`score off phrasal verb transitive
score off someone to gain an advantage over someone:
Why does she constantly try to score off her sister?
score 2 [ skɔr ] noun ***
▸ 1 points in game/test
▸ 2 written copy of music
▸ 3 true facts of situation
▸ 4 group of 20
▸ 5 mark cut into surface
1. ) count the number of points that someone gains in a game
a ) the result of a game or the number of points gained by everyone playing up to a particular moment:
Have you heard the latest score?
The final score was 4 3.
b ) a number that represents how well someone did on a test:
The average score for the test was 75.
2. ) count a written copy of a piece of music:
the complete musical scores of Strauss
a ) the music written for a movie, play, etc.
3. ) singular INFORMAL the true facts of a situation:
So what's the score on the party this weekend? Are we going?
4. ) count LITERARY a group of 20 people or things
a ) scores plural a large number of people or things:
Scores of volunteers offered to help.
5. ) count a mark cut into the surface of something:
Workers cut deep scores in the road before laying the paving.
keep score
1. ) to keep a record of the score in a game
2. ) to count the number of times something happens:
It's not the first time they've beaten us, but who's keeping score?
know the score INFORMAL
to know the truth about something, especially when it is unpleasant:
You don't have to lie to me. I know the score.
on that/this score
used for referring to something that has just been mentioned:
We wanted to attract new recruits, and on that score, the campaign has been successful.
settle a score/an old score
to do something that harms someone who has done something to harm you in the past:
They are eager to settle scores against those who exploited them.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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